Muffled Grapes?

Driving to  a bloggers  meeting this morning at Cville Sheblogs with my  cell earphone out and the radio on (highly unusual), I picked up the Joe Thomas In the Morning program.  This was very fortuitous!  The subject was part two of the battle over noise between a local land owner and his neighbor, a vineyard owner.  Apparently tension is building a bit and both sides are calling for support from local  friends and non residents alike. Joe was broadcasting the neighbor’s viewpoint after airing Al Schornberg’s side on the previous day. Unfortunately, I missed that one, Darn!  Several bloggers have posted their opinions on the matter, including Cellarblog and MattieRocks who has provided music for some of the wedding events at Keswick.

Al commented on my earlier post with an explanation of the efforts they have made to dissipate the noise level affecting neighboring farms. See his comment on ” Alert! Keswick, We’ve Got Your Back”  post from the other day.He provides a detailed list of the steps taken and I highly recommend reading his comment!

Tomorrow evening should prove interesting, look forward to seeing everyone there!  Albemarle County Board of Supervisors at 6 p.m.

2 thoughts on “Muffled Grapes?

  1. The frequency (inverse of wave length) of sound has a lot to do with perceived “noise.” The low frequencies (long wave lengths) can be heard at longer distances better than the high frequencies. The “thumping factor” is why tribal drums are so effective for communicaton over long distances. This old technology is used world-wide by the military – especially underwater. That’s also why “thumper” car stereos are much more disturbing than quality auto stereos that don’t “leak” their sound beyond the vehicle. Keeping “noise” down (and personal) can be accomplished by reducing the amount of bass/low frequency “thumping” in the music.

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