Afton Mountain “Grapes Don’t Grow in Ugly Places”


Rain or shine this is a beautiful spot!
When we lived in Texas, I used to turn off the lights during a nighttime thunderstorm, open the blinds and lay on the floor with my daughter watching the lightning crackle across the darkness.  There was something exciting and yet comforting about being in the safety of our brick walls  anticipating  the next electrifying  spark to light up the room.  Today  it wasn’t lightning but the whipping winds blowing rain sideways off Afton Mountain which colored our afternoon.  Ducking our heads, we raced across the parking lot towards the shelter of Afton Mountain’s  tasting room and a glass of wine.
 I  like wine and  wineries, period,  and I liked this one!  I know when customers are embraced and when they are treated as a necessary nuisance.  In this case I felt we were welcomed into the personal living room of a friend hosting a private party.  It didn’t hurt that Sunday is family day for the owners,  Tony and Elizabeth Smith.  They worked the tasting bar, pouring wine and filling us in about the wines and history of Afton Mountain Vineyards.   Basically, they  have three labels.  I liked their new  logo, but the label for the Festa de Bacco was my favorite.  Bacchus is the Roman god of wine and intoxication and his image in gold is on the bottle.  It is a Tuscan blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot. It was also my favorite of the wines we tasted.
Bottle and glasses in hand, we made our way into the “living room”, cozy yet roomy with the fireplace lending warmth and atmosphere.  Ben and Jacqueline Rullman, of Mountfair Vineyards were whiling away the afternoon hanging out with their fellow wine compadres. I love this wine community in Albemarle County!
 That’s Jacqueline with me on the sofa- she handles marketing and tastings with her husband, Ben at Mountfair.
Special Note: The Smith’s have copyrighted the slogan “Grapes Don’t Grow in Ugly Places” and t-shirts can be purchased in the tasting room.  I gotta have one!  It’s the perfect t-shirt for wine lovers and real estate agents!
I think Part II of this post will be more photos, just can’t do it justice in one posting!
Mark your maps for a visit to Afton Mountain Vineyards next time you’re in our area!  Warm baguettes and brie are available to augment your tasting!

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