Rainy Sunday at King is a Plus!

King Family UnCorked!

Most of you who’ve visited King Family on the weekend know what to expect! A beautiful vineyard with polo ponies, a lovely outdoor patio and the new brick enclosed fire pit… but crowded with loads of people!  We brought my brother-in-law out to taste wine and pick up the newly released “3”.   I figured it would be packed with visitors, but the weather was in our favor this time and it was only slightly busy.  The tasters dribbled in with the rain and we had one of the most pleasant visits to King Family in a while.  Notice that we are not deterred by crowds, just appreciate an occasional  bit of calm while enjoying our wine. We felt we had the winery to ourselves and it was nice for a change.  A fire burning in the fireplace, umbrellas stashed in the corner and you could actually hear the conversation at the table. Nice!

"3" and Me

We bought a bottle of Cabernet Franc and on the tasting hostess’ recommendation paired it with crackers and a sharp cheese ball. Great tip!  Delicious, definitely try it next time you’re there! I carefully protected my bottle of “3” while touring the barrel room one more time and came away pleased with the time spent at King Family on a rainy March afternoon.

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