The Battle of Pork versus Cork!

Toasting Diet and Exercise!

….OR You can’t look like Twiggy if you drink like Miss Piggy!  Does anyone even remember Twiggy anymore?  I had the recent good fortune to win 6 (SIX) WEEKS with a personal trainer at a local gym plus the vitamins and supplements from GNC for the same period of time!  WooHoooo!  On the other hand, I am now closely monitoring my alcohol consumption and also trying to justify it as well.

I notice when I am trudging to nowhere on the  treadmill, I occasionally glance (peer) at the calories burned and visualize them in “Glasses of Wine Burned”.  I wish the elliptical machine,  stairmaster and treadmill would have an icon of wine glasses. As you burned 100 calories,  a glass would fill with a robust red color!  At the point when you eventually surpass 2 glasses,  the additional calories- burned would be  gravy.   Actually a bonus,  in less fattening terminology.

I searched online to gather more information  to support the reason I can continue with moderate wine drinking while dieting and found Myth Busters about Wine  and another worthwhile site,  a wine calorie counter.  Bear  in mind that most of these charts are based on 5 oz. glasses.  Ultimately  it appears that on average  it comes down to approximately 20 calories per ounce or 120 calories for a six-ounce glass!

I am now barely two weeks in and am losing a couple of inches, gaining muscle but still have a long way to go abdominally, or is that I have an abominably long way to go?  Either way,  I have minimized my wine drinking and wine tasting a tad and is the reason this post is not highlighting one of our wonderful Virginia wineries!  Look for another post after Tuesday when I have the luxury of  a gourmet dinner  presented by  Loudoun County’s French Chef William Walden of  The Goodstone Inn and Estate and  pairings of  award-winning Loudoun wines!  My trainer, Jose, said some extra treadmill time the day of and day after and I shouldn’t be too far off track.  I like Jose 🙂