A Select Winery-Early Mountain Vineyards

It appears that it’s all about “selection’ at Early Mountain Vineyards.  A “select” staff, “select” wines, and “select” locally produced meats, cheeses and bread. Wrap that up with “select” furnishings and Central Virginia’s latest winery has a package to offer  any celebration. From a romantic weekend picnic, a gathering of good friends on the back lawn around a flaming fire pit or a full-blown wedding-extraordinaire, former America Online (AOL) executives and present owners, Steve and Jean Case have the recipe for success…even down to the bubbles and games for the children!


Early History

According to EMV’s own press release, Revolutionary-war veteran Lt. Joseph Early, the first landowner of this property, learned of a stranger traveling through the region in search of shelter and sent word that the stranger was welcome in his home for the night, only to discover it was General George Washington, under whom he had served at Valley Forge. It is the same spirit of warm welcome and hospitality that is extended to those who come through the doors at Early Mountain. Keeping a commitment to local farms, the guest shop refrigerator case is stocked with items for a picnic including cheeses from Caromont Farm and Everona Dairy, goodies from Feast and more. Whimsical gifts for oenophiles are available for a spontaneous picnic.

Too cute!



Barboursville, Breaux, Chatham, King Family, Linden and Thibaut-Janisson are the featured wines offered for tastings, as well as the Early Mountain wines. Wine selection will change periodically, offering the best of Virginia wines and will be regionally represented. I was totally enamored with the unique “flight carrier” and the stemware engraved with their logo. It’s all about light and glass and jewel-hued wines that make wine tasting so sensuous. The photos themselves reflect what I’m attempting to describe better than my limited adjectives. It was great to see the familiar faces of Margaret and Heather with their infectious smiles, pouring wine on opening day . Wine flights are poured into four glasses for comparison and it was really nice to go back and re-taste and re-evaluate our choices. We opted for an excellent 100 % steel creamy, smooth Church Creek Chardonnay from Chatham for our lunch and the Early Mountain Merlot to serve with Organic Butcher steaks for Fathers Day dinner.

Margaret_Prior_Heather_Early_Mountain Plans are underway to enhance the property outdoors with a wildflower garden, fruit trees and bocce ball. And the Celebration Hall and winemaker, Frantz Ventre’s vision is a whole ‘nother story. An excellent post to read more details about EMV can be found in Dave McIntyre’s blog and now, it’s 5:00 somewhere…


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