Early Mountain Vineyards Stuns Virginia

Early_Mountain_Vineyards_Wine_FlightsAfter a lengthy period of restructuring, renovating and new ownership, Early Mountain Vineyards is now OPEN! The color scheme of subtle greys and shadowy taupes with splashes of orange and the Asian inspired logo combine to create a  comfortable minimalism in the former Sweeley Estate Vineyards tasting room and Celebration Hall. Attention to every tiny last detail is evident from the soaring ceilings to the outdoor patio..firepits, umbrella tables and perennial planters flanking the patio. A creamy wash of color brightens the formerly dark brick interior and the altered fireplace opens up the room for an airy feel. The expansive polished concrete tasting bar is illuminated by serpentine light fixtures. This is a tasting room that is exceedingly well planned for guests comfort and the ultimate wine tasting experience. I haven’t been this excited about a winery since the elegant Pippin Hill opened in Southern Albemarle County. Now Madison has its turn to brag about its own upscale vineyard venue. They are located at 6109 Wolftown-Hood Road in  Madison, VA.

I am so tempted to make this first entry a photo blog and follow with another post fleshing out the details. Okay! Done!  Here comes the temptation to visit soon, check these highlights out from my visit along with my lovely daughter in law. Bet you’ll want to see it for yourself, more details next post…and even more pictures. By the way, we were spoiled rotten by the attentive staff pouring wine and serving up wonderful local fare,yummo!


4 thoughts on “Early Mountain Vineyards Stuns Virginia

  1. Glad to see that the ex-Sweely winery/vineyard is alive and well. Rumor is that the “AOL Guy” rescued it and renamed it Early Mountain. Early is a very historic local family name in that area. Brings to mind Jubile T. Early

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