Top Life Lessons I’ve Learned While Blogging

ImageIt’s been two years now since I decided to start a blog. My first post was a sentimental post on the anniversary of my fathers passing.  Now I’ve reached that point in time for reflection, analysis and renewal. The most frequent question that I get from people is Why? Why do you blog? And what really IS a blog? I started blogging as a creative outlet, a place to post pictures and to be perfectly honest, as a real estate agent, it was highly recommended for Search Engine Optimization. Oh…and of course, because it was an excuse to drink good wine =). Which I have certainly done. So, after two years, why do I continue to blog? I think it can be summed up in one word, Discovery.

Reflect and Write it Down

Basically, a blog is a computerized journal published to share with others. Many friends over the years have told me that they “journal”. I really didn’t understand why. Now I do. It is a release, an opportunity to be introspective and it also, as a bonus, enhances lazy verbal skills. I think one of the greatest benefits is the ability to read back what you have written and see the growth and progression in your life. Where you were, where you are and where you are headed. In Conclusion, this is a good venue for personal growth and I believe anyone can derive satisfaction from this type of effort. Discover yourself.

Find Your Passion!

Start with something you love doing and through it you’ll find your passion. I love wine, luscious grapes in  any color, grapevines, clean air and being outdoors (unless I’m indoors by the crackling fire). But through visiting wineries and vineyards, I discovered a passion for photography. Now I want  to develop that skill and learn everything I can about that!

Change up your Environment!


“Oh, the places you’ll go!” (Quote from my fav M.D., Dr. Seuss). We’ve had opportunities to visit some breathtaking vistas that we never would have seen sitting home watching NFL football on a Sunday afternoon. We’ve visited beautifully appointed tasting rooms, rusticly elegant wineries and sipped wine with friends on fabulous decks, patios and conservatories. So, I encourage you to get up, get moving, charge up your camera and discover this beautiful world we live in! It’s right there outside your front door.

The People You’ll Meet!

And when you finally set out to explore, discover, and find your passion; you’ll meet  many interesting people that you never would have encountered. People with similar passions, different personalities, unique individuals from all walks of life. You’ve now broadened yourself and gifted yourself with new friends. A double discovery! And guess what? You continue to grow.


Final Lesson, It is the People that Matter the Most!

This year, it’s been six years since my father passed away. What have I discovered? That the faces in the pictures are more important than the most scenic landscape, waterfall or sunset. When you flip through a photo album, what to do you seek? The faces of loved ones. I’ve now come full circle because my father’s passions were people, travel and photography. Hmmm, I think know where it comes from and blogging helped me realize that….and that is why I continue to blog.

I love you Dad!


September 26, 1932   –  September 14, 2006


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