Virginia Wine at Fridays After Five?

Well, No.

Unfortunately, even though we have many excellent wineries practically in our own backyards, the event apparently calls for more wine than our local wineries can deliver. This issue has been on my mind for the last few years and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I feel like this is my “Norma Rae” moment (showing my age) and called the Ntelos Pavillion to plead my case.  After a brief discussion with Kirby Hutto, the General Manager of Fridays After Five, I was informed very nicely that they would need a commitment of about 200 cases of wine to meet the demand. In Kirby’s defense, he would also love to see some Virginia wine represented at FAF as well. He also explained that it is not a profit center for the free event and some of the profit does go to charity. I have heard some of the same comments directly from some winery owners and they would have to trek their wine out on a weekend when they have their own events scheduled. There are no “bad guys” here, just wino victims.  Hence, the following poll to get some of your feedback.

Still, I think there could be a compromise!  With Virginia’s vineyards increasing at a rapid rate and some of the vineyards adding even more acreage, it seems like we could have a shared booth between two or three wineries each week with each winery allocating X number of cases spread out over the Summer. Such a shame! The beer drinkers get Starr Hill. Just seems like it is so wrong and when in C-ville  we should be able to do as the C-villians do!  Looks like 2012 will be another year of Yellow Blue Box ( it is organic though) in plastic cups.

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