A Moment of Weakness with Dreaming Tree!

Succumbing to temptation AND celebration,  the Dreaming Tree wine was particularly vulnerable the other evening. So much for my resolve to save it .  We had three reasons that evening for popping the cork 1) our daughter was home for a visit,  celebration #1! Our daughter is a huge Dave Matthews fan, celebration #2!  She’s getting married-super celebration #3!  So…the final determination was to …get the corkscrew and..

Shame on me, blaming this on my child.  Now I have to go find the same wine to replace it in my collectors box and agree, wine is meant to be drunk not stored!  We were glad that we opened  the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, North Coast.  Silky and soft, a medium bodied wine with blackberry and vanilla aromas. My daughter said it smelled like a cookie! She was correct in noticing the vanilla, I think she has a better sense of wine than I do.  Bottom line, an enjoyable evening enhanced by the Dreaming Tree!

I still haven’t tasted the Chardonnay or the Crush…wonder what my next justification will be?

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