Aromas, Tastings and Thanksgiving Wine Pairings with Jane Nickles

On a seldom free afternoon while browsing the internet on a variety of topics, I landed on an eHow site that captured my attention for hours. One of the most frequently asked questions I get  regards wine tasting.  How to  taste wine, how to describe the taste and aromas,  and  how to develop a taste for wine and not come across as a “snob”.
I found Jane Nickles video series on wine tasting to be basic and simplified, yet detailed enough to arm you with  tasting tips to make you seem like a pro.  Impress your friends and learn by watching some of her videos!  Ultimately, who cares how you sound as long as you are enjoying the wine experience to its fullest.  

Jane Nickles, described on eHow,  is the author of “Wine Speak 101″, and a wine writer for “The Texas Wine and Food Gourmet”, and “Eat and Drink Magazine”. Jane is a certified specialist of wine, recognized by the society of wine educators. “Miss Jane,” as her students call her, is the Sommelier Instructor for the Texas Culinary Academy, and she presents her popular wine seminars at Wine Bars, Restaurants, and Culinary Festivals throughout the country.

I was so caught up in her series of  Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners, I watched 14 video clips in a row.  It occurred to me a  fun evening with friends would be to plan a wine tasting party for friends and have Jane Nickles on your big screen TV demonstrating technique!  It’s great practice and thought-provoking, plus, you’re drinking wine with your friends! 

At the Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville this year we were given a color wheel of adjectives and descriptions for wine and  it really makes you contemplate the aromas and taste of wine.  See how clever your friends are and make it a game!  One game that is a bit pricey is Aromaster’s Ultimate Wine Aroma Kit at $380 USD.  Another game is online, free and quite educational,  Anivin de France Aromas .

Personally, I like to hang out with family and friends sipping wine by the firepit  listening to some favorite music. No games here, just enjoying good company and good wine.

  Here are a couple of the video clips offered by Jane Nickles on eHow for you to sample:Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Describing Wine

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Aromas, Tastings and Thanksgiving Wine Pairings with Jane Nickles

  1. I watched a few of her video clips. Its gonna take me a while to smell multiple levels (bottom, middle, top) of a glass of wine. I liked the exhale through nose method. That may give me a chance to smell/taste the “leather & wet dog” she mentioned in her wine – Yuck! She liked that “wet dog” wine?

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