Dreaming Tree Wines and Dave Matthews

In case you’ve missed it, the latest “buzz” in wine is crossing the continent as we speak!

 11 years ago, our family had decided to move to a beautiful, relatively small town in Virginia with world-wide recognition!  Historians will insist that  Charlottesville is most notable because of the influence of one man, Thomas Jefferson.  However, talk to anyone under a certain age (ahem!) and they’ll have you know it is more well-known as the residence (albeit, part-time) of Dave Matthews and the DMB!  Two decades ago at the Earth Day Festival in the City of Charlottesville, the Dave Matthews Band was publicly launched. in 2001 I had no idea who the heck DMB was, but friends of ours in Dallas were envious that we could move to the “birthplace of  The Dave Matthews Band“!  How exciting!  A couple of years after we moved, a family member (name to be withheld) was eating a slice of pizza with us at Christian’s Pizza on the Downtown Mall and literally bit through her plastic fork when she realized Dave Matthews was sitting behind us. We kept the fork for quite some time as a memento and at that point I realized how exciting (wink) it was to live in Charlottesville!  Unbeknownst to us, in 2000, Dave Matthews had established Blenheim Vineyards, a family operated winery a scenic 20 minute drive southeast of Charlottesville.   Now in 2011, Dave is launching another collaboration in wine making with Steve Reeder of California called  The Dreaming Tree Wines, named after the song. 

Creative Factor– Dave: “A mutual respect that doesn’t rely on his (Steve’s) knowledge of music or my knowledge of wine”  and Steve: “I make wines for people to drink, I don’t make wines for people to put in their cellar”.

    Steve Reeder graduated from University of California, Davis and according to Steve,  was inspired to make wine at the 1st Middleburg Virginia Festival in the 1970’s!  As a youngster, he worked for a while  on his uncle’s farm in Indiana pitching in with beer making in the barn. Later he lived in Germany and was introduced to exceptional lager beers and his parents wine cellar 🙂  His resume includes Kendall-Jackson, Fosters Wine Estates and most recently, Simi Winery.

Check out their website, super cool and follow the path on the map! Does this mean the path ends in Virginia with Blenheim Winery making wine for The Dreaming Tree label as well? Could we cross the Great Divide between California wines and Virginia wines? And by the way,  I love the Cork!  We’ll soon know, perhaps someone can shed more light on this? All I know is that it sounds great, looks like fun and takes the pretentiousness out of wine drinking!

37 thoughts on “Dreaming Tree Wines and Dave Matthews

  1. Hi, my name is Angela, from Texas, and I have been a HUGE Dave Matthews fan since 1997. My sister introduced me to him in 1996 when I went away to college and listened to “Satellite” for 6 months straight! This year would’ve marked our Lucky 13th year in a ROW to have experienced the most AMAZING live show I have EVER been too.For some strange reason he is not touring the south and my sister and I are not sure what to do with ourselves this September. I know you don’t talk to Dave on a regular basis, but I did see that you collaborated on some wine and I would LOVE to know where I might try/buy some. PLEASE let me know so that I may pass on the information to all of HUGE fans of Dave and wine! Thank you! =)

    1. Hi Angela!
      You should come visit Charlottesville some time, usually around the time University of Virginia’s Fall semester starts, Dave Matthews performs locally. You just missed a benefit performance 😦 Anyway, back to your question, Dreaming Tree Wines DOES ship to Texas, Yeeeha! http://store.dreamingtreewines.com/specials is the link to purchase some of their wines. I think you’ll really like the cork, be sure to save it. If you ever come to Cville, look me up and I’ll give you some tips about local hot spots! Semi-hot, after all, we’re still a small town 🙂
      You don’t live in Dallas and have a friend named Hilary do you? You have the same enthusiasm that she had when we moved here from TX!

      1. I have a friends birthday coming up, she is a huge Dave fan.. I would love to order her a bottle and have it sent to her.. Any ideas of how I can get a bottle to either Ohio or West Virginia?? Any help would be great!!

      2. Hi Jason,
        Harris Teeter in Virginia and Target carry it. Not sure if they can ship to those states? Also, Greenwood Grocery in Greenwood, VA carries it as well.Hope this helps!
        Good Luck!

  2. i had a sample at my local wine store and know i am a huge fan!! i love it! Im telling all my fans and clients about it!! They wont be disappointed!

  3. It has in fact crossed the continent, wrote a piece about it a few days ago. I’m trying to find out if this will be available in the UK – nevermind Texas 😉

    Anyone have any idea?

  4. Please post here if it is available in the UK. I’d like to order in time for Christmas and have a son who is a fan of both DMB and red wine, who’d be a willing recipient.
    Thank you,

  5. Tricia,

    Do you know if any of the wines from ‘Blenheim’ or ‘The Dreaming Tree’ are going to be sold in stores in Chicago? Or is everything only available at the vineyards or online? Chicagoans LOVE to show Dave their support in all of his ventures….and of course drinking wine isn’t so bad either! 🙂
    I’d appreciate any information you have. Hopefully I can make the trek to one of the coasts to get a tour of a vineyard sometime. That would be awesome to see where the wines are created.

    1. Hi Bridget,
      I noticed on the Facebook Page for Dreaming Tree there were several people mentioning places in the Chicago area that carried the Dave Matthews wines. If you’re not on Facebook, let me know and I’ll copy the names to you. Let me know if you make it to Charlottesville and I can give you some local tips for your visit!

  6. My ex-husband and I are big DMB FANS. The winery was established the day after we got married. How crazy is that. Im getting a bottle of Red and White to drink the day our daughter graduates .

    1. That is really cool that you look forward to celebrating and including your ex! Sounds like your daughter has special parents! I always plan to save for a special occasion and then open early 😦

  7. I recently just heard about this partnership Dave Matthews has with the vineyard! While I don’t KNOW much about wine, I really enjoy trying new kinds. I would love to visit the vineyard in Charlottesville! My husband is HUGE fan of Dave Matthews. I would love to surprise my husband with a short road trip the vineyard Dave helped established. I haven’t even told him Dave Matthews is involved with this vineyard and wine making. I suppose there isn’t a chance that we could run into Dave Matthews while visiting the Blemheim Vineyard? 🙂
    I know that’s probably a long shot, and people ask that all the time, but my husband has always dreamed of meeting him someday. I figured a surprise trip to Charlottesville would be the best way and would be a win-win for both of us. I’ll get to try and purchase great wine and he’ll enjoy a trip to the winery his idol helped established!!!
    Any thoughts on how I could arrange a meet and greet/wine taste with Dave himself!?

    1. Hi Kristin,
      Nice for DMB to have fans like you and your husband. Have friends who ran into him once. I wonder if you join their wine club at Blenheim if there might be an event he would attend? I wouldn’t count on it, seems a rare moment. He does do a concert in Charlottesville every now and then, the Charlottesville Downtown Pavillion hosted the last one and fans had first chance at tickets. This date wasn’t announced until Summer. Either way, I think you would enjoy C-ville. Dave sighting would be a remote chance. The UVA crowd really likes Blenheim Vineyards and Trump Winery is just down the road 🙂


  8. Hi there, I live out here in Napa, CA and read somewhere that Dave bottles his wines out here in Sonoma, CA. Is there a place out here to buy them or to visit? Would love to buy some of his wines as I am huge fan of The Dave Matthews Band.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I checked around and haven’t found a place that does tastings of the Dreaming Tree wines, the bottling takes place in Geyserville, CA. Steve Reeder with Simi is the winemaker and I see nothing on their website that indicates the wines are available for tasting there either. My brother in law is a chef and lives in Napa City, so I’ll check with him and see if he has any scoop. The Dreaming Tree website directs fans to the Alexander Valley area and Hiway 128. If you find out anything, please let me know so I can pass it on to others.

      1. Any news on this? We are heading to Napa next month and daughter would love to see something of dreaming tree. We can buy it here. It’s in all the stores now.

      2. I really don’t know anything about visiting in Napa except the address is in Geyserville, CA.
        Wish I could help, perhaps go to the Dreaming Tree site and contact them?

    1. Hi Cherie,
      I don’t know if you have wine in your Target stores in Ohio, but sometimes they sell it by the case. Our Target in Charlottesville, VA carries Dreaming Tree wine. You might contact that store and see if it’s possible in Ohio. The other option would be to go direct to the Dreaming Tree site and see if they can help you out more. Hope this helps some ,

  9. We are enjoying your Crush wine and talking about when i met Dave in Victoria in 1996. Good times, oh good times.

  10. Dear Tricia,

    I’m from Berlin, Germany, and accidentally ran into your website, which is great!
    I’m going to travel across the States for five weeks in June and July, and I can’t believe my luck, that this trip includes a Dave Matthews Band concert in Long Island. I’m in love with the band, with the music and with Dave’s commitment to everything he does.
    Now, I am travelling from New York to Los Angeles on a Greyhound bus and until a couple of days ago had no particular route plans. Just this weekend I finally decided to make it to Charlottesville – everything I read about it sounds beautiful and I certainly find it crazy fascinating to stay in the birthplace of the Dave Matthews Band.
    Just now I was wondering if there is any chance to buy the Dreaming Tree wine in Charlottesville as well and this is when I found your website. I hope you can help me with some information on whether and if so where I can find a shop who sells it?!
    I love the idea to sit in Charlottesville on the riverside under a tree sipping Dreaming Tree wine and listening to Dave’s music. Although I know that drinking in public is not particularly welcomed in the States 🙂
    Maybe you could give me some advice for my stay in Charlottesville as well. It’s only two days but I want to make the very best out of it. I don’t have a driver’s license and therefore would love to explore the city and surroundings by bike – can you suggest such a thing? (Here in Berlin I go everywhere by bike…)

    With kindest regards,


    1. Hi Auri,
      Very excited for you and your trip. Let me write you back via your email so I can give you some insight and make it more personal.
      Charlottesville is very walkable and great for cycling. I’ll write you tomorrow as it’s getting late. There is also a local German Club for people who have an affinity for Germany.
      And of course, I’ll let you know which stores carry Dreaming Tree.
      Thanks for reading the blog and inquiring about Charlottesville!

  11. I live in Milwaukee….. where could I buy any of these wines???? I would love to try all of them! Any suggestions which is best?

    1. I liked the Chardonnay but I think it’s your personal preference. Originally, Crush was priced higher, but it appears it’s been reduced. It didn’t blow me away. I liked the label though!Dave Matthews also does the artwork on some of Blenheim Wines from Blenheim Winery in VA, which he owns.

  12. Dear Tricia,
    I have been a huge DMB fan for years and love all of his wines! I am currently planning a short trip to Charlottesville in July. I am unfamiliar with the town and am wondering if you might be able to help me with some suggestions. Were to stay? Entertainment? Also can you tour the winery? is there a tasting room? I would love your help!

    1. Kirsten Harmon is an excellent winemaker and the winery,Blenheim Winery has many events scheduled throughout the year. I suggest checking their website for upcoming events that may coincide with your visit. I have a friend who owns a B&B near Blenheim with its own vineyard called High Meadows Vineyard Inn.
      Cynthia Bruce is the owner, and please drop my name! Downtown C-ville has lots of musical entertainment including Fridays After Five which is free on Fridays!
      There are so many wineries to visit,please contact me about the other places to visit.

  13. I placed an order on May 7, order #16121 and did not receive an email confirmation. This a 2 day shipment. When will she receive the wine?

    Thank you

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