Charlottesville Hosts Wine Bloggers Conference 2011

Jancis Robinson, keynote celeb-speaker, is the most sought after photography subject so far at the conference!

Just attended an incredible class on the Aromas of Wine, and now I’m in the Drink Local session, sitting next to Richard Leahy. It is fun to know your winemaker, the vineyard manager and winery owners and feel like you’re supporting your community  while enjoying the “fruits” of your local vineyards.

Detailed posts coming later!

NEXT UP! Live Wine Blogging, Uh, Oh!

2 thoughts on “Charlottesville Hosts Wine Bloggers Conference 2011

  1. It must have been wonderful hearing Janice Robinson speak about wine tasting. I believe she says she’s into “wine immersion.” Perhaps that means she bathes in it. Viewing her blog reveals that she has been to much more sophisticate events – such as Champagne tasting up in the Eiffel Tower.

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