Audio Wine Blogging in Charlottesville 7/18-7/24

This is a practice test for voice blogging during rapid tasting, hopefully their won’t be any slurred words on Friday!

8 thoughts on “Audio Wine Blogging in Charlottesville 7/18-7/24

  1. Voice Blogging effectively gives you your own internet broadcast station without an FCC license, no censors and hopefully no commercials. I’ll try it on my iPad but since the code indicates its a Shockwave Flash audio player it won’t work on iPads or iPhones. Yep, just tried it on my iPad2 and the icon to play the audio doesn’t even display. You’re gonna lose some of your audio audience but I know you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

    1. Your
      file could probably heard on iPad but not when the audio is accessed using Flash.

    2. If there is hyperlink below it can be used by non-Flashers to hear Tricia’s #1 audio blog file. This is a test for iPad users.

      [audio src="" /]

    3. Maybe your “web designer” can figure out how to accomodate iPad users by providing similar non-flash MP3 access to your audio blogs. Please delete all my comments and solution testing after he figures it out. There are ways to check for which browser is being used to view your blog. The Safari browser (used by Ipads) audio player alternative to Flash is what is needed in your blog page’s underlying code. If I can do it, I’m sure he can too.

      1. Thank You, Mark! Appreciate the help on this. Just trying to make it go quickly while I have a glass in hand and want to blog fast. I don’t mind either comments being ublic, since this is a new experience for me and others can benefit as well! Do you still want me to delete comments? You and Lewis are very helpful in this endeavor!

  2. I don’t have an iPad to test it out, but I can’t edit any of the code used to auto-post the audio as it is a hosted site, not a .org site. However, the posts could be edited afterwards to add the link.. it won’t be as timely, but it could definitely be done! Unfortunately I’ll be work during most of your blogging so I can’t help remotely much…

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