Kluge Wine, Going, Going….Get it Before It’s…Gone!

Vacant Seats

Albemarle Simply…Gone? 

Most people in the Charlottesville area are fully aware that the remaining wine at Kluge has been rapidly flowing out the doors and into car trunks on a daily basis. The last time we  visited The Kluge Farm Shop,  1500 cases of the Albemarle Simply Red 2007 remained.  All of the white wine that was to be offered had been included in the recent auction of the property.  As of the moment, no one has purchased the magnificent manor on the hill, Albemarle House.  Who the new owner will be is anyone’s guess, but rumours abound with Donald Trump’s  name at the center.  According to some of the people who are now employed by “Grand Cru”,  there are under 1000 cases remaining and the last day for sales could be as early as May 6th, if not, May 9th.  Bottom line is that it won’t last forever!  At the all time low price of 2 cases for $90, you just can’t beat it!

Employed or Unemployed? 

After a few visits to Kluge, my husband and I were impressed by the staff at the Farm Shop and most specifically by Tammy Cavanaugh!  These employees are waiting to hear if they still have a job in the next couple of  weeks.  Hoisting heavy boxes of wine and laughing as if she knew what the future held  for her, she kept a light hearted, cheerful  attitude  amid a rather sad situation. We wanted to find out more about Tammy and what she had accomplished in her life outside of wine. After chatting with her, we found out that she has two autistic sons. She took the initiative to be  aggressive about their education and future. 

 Tammy started a non-profit organization, The  Charlottesville Youth Learning Academy, to help at-risk youths participate in project-based learning activities that  bolster their academic career and life skills.  YLA   has created programs focusing on the construction and motorsports industries to prepare their students for successful careers upon graduation.

Listen to Tammy on the video clip below:

They have received grants from The University of Virginia and have gotten involved with NASCAR with their Race 2 Sucess program. This is a dynamic lady who is a real asset to any organization and our suggestion to Mr. Trump would be,You’re Hired!” 

Be sure to say hi to Tammy when you stop in at Kluge and hurry up because the wine,  like the property, will be Going, Going…Gone!

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