P.S. Reflections on Glass House

I went to bed and realized I couldn’t leave out some of these photos!

Deep Thoughts

 A suggestion for the future, a commercial refrigerator stocked with artisanal cheeses and delicacies.  I like the set up they have at  King Family,  DuCard and  Keswick Vineyards  where you can help yourself.  Of course, a warm baguette like Pollak offers is welcome as well.   The winery is off the beaten path enough and visitors would love to linger here.  A nice convenience for the impulsive picnicker!  Also, a prepared dessert plate for two with a sampling of the chocolates and some dark fruit would be a great touch!

Too Cute to Dump Here!
Norton Wine Cream Chocolate
It's All in the Details

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2 thoughts on “P.S. Reflections on Glass House

  1. Hi…
    I’ve been enjoying your blogging, and find it ironic how your wine travels seem to follow my own. Your latest blog happens to be about my most favorite local vineyard so far! My friends and I have been frequent visitors to the Glass House Winery (so much so, that we have nicknamed ourselves ‘The Glass House Groupies’!) We love Michelle and Jeff, love the chocolates, and absolutely love their wines (and the conservatory as well)!!! I just wanted to point out one little error in your blog…they have a ‘Pinot Gris’ which is the french style of a ‘Pinot Grigio’…hope you don’t mind the correction!

    I look forward to your future blogs…perhaps we’ll cross paths during a tasting! May I suggest Blenheim…they do have a fridge stocked with some of the items you suggested for Glass House…however, we really prefer to pack our own ‘wine picnic’ when we go!

    1. Hi Paulette!
      Thanks for the correction on Pinot Gris/Grigio. I appreciate you calling it to my attention and have already edited it. I was going by recall, muddied a bit by wine, Hah!
      Ran into Gabrielle Rausse at Greenwood one weekend while in pursuit of a bottle of Pollak Pinot Gris. He said if I bought his Pinot Grigio he would change the name to Pinot Gris for me!
      Such a salesman! Anyway, we must be on the same path as Blenheim is next on my list! How did you know 🙂
      Hope to run into you in the future! Cheers!

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